The simplest ideas are often the best, like this Fahrradabstellplatz (place for leaving your bike). I remember those from when i was a kid but I hadn't seen one for quite some time and I'm sure the metal rings are... More

I've come to claim my town back....

'Ohhh, that's an unusal name' I hear quite often, especially here in the UK. So a couple of years ago I visited the town where I guess one my ancestors must have come from More

More Friendly Hydrants

A few years ago I took a picture of a friendly painted hydrant in the Black Forest, well it turns out that painting hydrants is a bit of a thing in the Schwarzwald. Here are a couple more (lady) hydrants... More


It simply wouldn't be Christmas in Germany (and apparenly Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Norway and Ukraine too) without 'Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel' being shown on TV, the two belong together like Christmas Markets and Glühwein. More


How on earth did I not know about these before?

I only recently saw these amazing 'Angie' lemon squeezers


Two Debbies

When I saw this very nicely made puppet in Germany this summer I immediately thought, crikey, it's Debbie McGee. More

Giant cocktails or cocktails for giants

I had to look twice when I saw this stall selling cocktails at a festival in Dresden this summer. I thought blimey, now there's finally a decent measure for me. More

Troubled Shrine

When I was in Munich just recently I stumbled upon this rather odd shrine to the late Michael Jackson, outside the 5* Bayerischer Hof hotel where he used to stay when in town. More

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend

Have yourselves a most wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend. Fingers crossed it'll be a BBQ weather weekend!!! See you all next week. More


I love the colours of these rusty barrels I photographed in Italy recently. More

Super Scaffolding

I have to admit, every time I see some scaffolding I'm amazed it doesn't fall down. Not a chance for this to happen with this Super Scaffolding I saw in Budapest recently.   More

Miniatur Wunderwelt

I've written about the Miniatur Wunderwelt in one of our newsletters some time ago and said if I ever was in Hamburg that would be top of my list of things to visit. Guess what?? I was in Hamburg last... More

Criminal Australia

These images are amazing!! Photographs of crime scenes / criminals / exhibits in Australia's NSW from the 1920's - 1960's which are part of the Historic House Trust collection. If you are of a more delicate nature...maybe don't look too closely at... More

She should have used better nails

  Trade fairs are a never ending source of entertainment for me (well, once I get over the initial shock of being confined to a few square metres in a giant air conditioned hall where outside the world could have... More