Troubled Shrine

When I was in Munich just recently I stumbled upon this rather odd shrine to the late Michael Jackson, outside the 5* Bayerischer Hof hotel where he used to stay when in town. Not quite sure why exactly it is there, I asked a friend who said 'Oh, do you remember, that's where he dangled his child out of the window'. Surely not, I always thought that was in Berlin, not Munich. I was was in Berlin. None the wiser I had to google it and found this rather interesting article in The Telegraph from earlier this year saying that two rival MJ gangs have been fighting over who is allowed to maintain this shrine. Apparenlty decorations have been removed, posters taken down and flowers crushed. My favouriet quote being: 'The government has stepped in after scuffles broke out between fans, with one claiming that a rival threw a glass candle-holder at her.' Who knew that putting up posters was such a contentious issue.

Unfortunately I still don't exactly know why it's there, apparently it just appeared on the day after his death and has stayed there ever since but, who knows for how much longer.