Milchbar Pinguin

This has to be up there with the very best of ship signs.  Milchbar Pinguin (Milkbar Penguin) opened in 1964 and was THE place to be in the East German town of Leipzig. Serving, yes you guessed it, milk products. Apparently... More

Shop Signs of Graz

I just can't walk past a nice old shop sign without taking a picture so here are a few I took last summer in the Austrian city of Graz which by the way is an absolutley beautiful city and well worth... More

Munich Signage

Oh I do love some good signage and I saw some very nice ones in Munich recently.  More

Knies Kinderzoo

When I was in Zurich recently I saw these lovely posters for Knies Kinderzoo all over town. I really wanted to get one (or all three) but unfortunately never made it to the zoo and their online shop only ships within... More


Why do I not know about these things?? The Buchstabenmuseum (Letter Museum) in Berlin, who celebrates all things letters, apparently opened as early as 2005 but I have only just found out about it courtesy of our good friend Kati! It was also her... More

Shop Signs

We  love a good shop sign, so when our good friend Kati recently sent us a link to Austrian Photographer Ulrich Kehrer's Stadtalphabet photos of shopfront letterings and signboards in Vienna we got very very excited!! In fact so excited we just ordered... More