Doorlicious 2

I can see this becoming a regular feature, well as regular as my blog will ever be. This lovely door is the front door to the 'Christus unser Friede' church in Duisburg Hagenshof and was built between 1974 and 1977... More

I've come to claim my town back....

'Ohhh, that's an unusal name' I hear quite often, especially here in the UK. So a couple of years ago I visited the town where I guess one my ancestors must have come from More

Johannes XXIII

As far as churches go, this one has to be up there with the most unusual ones, actually it's up there with the most unusual buildings full stop and an absolute MUST for every Brutalist lover.



Bastei is definitely amongst my favourite buildings in Cologne but unfortunately I've not yet managed to see the inside. More


Even though I went to Australia as my main hoilday earlier this year I still managed to squeeze in the odd long weekend away here and there. For the last weekend in August I finally managed to cycle for 4... More

Tiger and Turtle

When I saw pictures of this a couple of years ago it went straight onto my 'must see' list and considering it is in Duisburg, which is only half an hour away from my parents' house in Germany, it clearly... More

Benbergs Benys

I don't think I can ever visit Germany without eating a Currywurst at least twice during my stay!! And when it's organic and served out of a beautifully refurbished Airstream caravan it's got to be a winner. I saw this... More