Haus des Lehrers

As you may well be aware, I do love a good socialist mosaic and have been an admirer of artist Walter Womacka for quite some time now.


Who knew...

Who knew that up until 1948 there were Olympic Medals for art, architecture, town planning, literature, music and sculpture. I certainly didn't (well, I do now).



It's difficult for me to walk past a cemetery and not wanting to have a little wander around it. I found these simple structures covered with Giesskannen (watering cans) at a cemetery in Berlin Koepenick. The colours of all the...


DMY Berlin

  As you know I like a bit of writing occasionally. Unfortunately I don't do enough of it but when I get asked, I'm usually more than willing to oblige. So I was more than thrilled to write this little...


Design Panoptikum

I do love a good weird museum and to be honest, it doesn't get much better or weirder than this little treasure. And when it comes recommended to me by Moritz Waldemeyer it was guaranteed not to disappoint. So when I was...


Olympic Stadium

I'm off to Berlin on Thursday to check out DMY, the International Design Festival which starts tomorrow. The main show is at Tempelhof Airport, Berlin's historic airport which is now closed but still has some pretty impressive architecture. Talking of impressive architecture,...



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