Building of the Week - Freiburg

Yep, definitely Deutsch!Unfortunatley I didn't have time to have lunch there as the Kässpätzle were definitley calling my name. Oh well, maybe next time. Picture taken in September 2020. More

Milchbar Pinguin

This has to be up there with the very best of ship signs.  Milchbar Pinguin (Milkbar Penguin) opened in 1964 and was THE place to be in the East German town of Leipzig. Serving, yes you guessed it, milk products. Apparently... More

1400 Types of Sausages

Although I'm not entirely sure how accurate this information is I'm pretty sure I've heard some time ago (maybe in association with the British Museum exhibition and BBC Radio Series 'Germany: Memories of a Nation' back in 2014) that there are over 1400... More


I can't believe I've been going to Frankfurt for almost 15 years but have only just discovered the Kleinmarkthalle More

Giant cocktails or cocktails for giants

I had to look twice when I saw this stall selling cocktails at a festival in Dresden this summer. I thought blimey, now there's finally a decent measure for me. More


Meet Germany's most popular mustard: Bautz'ner Senf. Well, to be precise it's really East Germany's most popular mustard but as it is THAT popular in the East it's overtaking all of the other mustards nationwide. Bautzen (a lovely hill-top town in... More

Benbergs Benys

I don't think I can ever visit Germany without eating a Currywurst at least twice during my stay!! And when it's organic and served out of a beautifully refurbished Airstream caravan it's got to be a winner. I saw this... More

Afri Cola

Afri Cola is Germany's answer to Coca Cola but is just that little bit cooler!! This year is Afri Cola's 80th birthday (it was first registered in 1931) and is still sold in the classic bottle which was designed in 1962 by Professor... More