I can't believe I've been going to Frankfurt regularly for almost 15 years but have only just discovered the Kleinmarkthalle (Small Market Hall).

There's been a Markthalle in the same location (well, almost the same) since the 1870s but the current version was built in 1954 after the previous one was destroyed in 1944. 

The Kleinmarkthalle has all sorts of stalls selling local food (you've got to try a sausage from SCHREIBERS) as well as food from around the globe. It also sell flowers and has a pretty amzing seed stall where I spent 20 minutes just eavesdropping to the sales person explaing all sorts of seeds and why that cucumber is better than that one and why I should be growing these leeks but not those.  

I'll be back in Frankfurt soon so will make sure I set aside an hour for the Kleinmarkthalle and all my seed needs for the upcoming season. I may even speak to the sales person myself this time.

Below are a few more images with some wonderful old signage and a super display case.

Kleinmarkthalle, Hasengasse 5-7, 60311 Frankfurt am Main