Haus des Lehrers

As you may well be aware, I do love a good socialist mosaic and have been an admirer of artist Walter Womacka for quite some time now. More


Lenbachhaus is one of those small but perfectly formed museums of the world. More

Who knew...

Who knew that up until 1948 there were Olympic Medals for art, architecture, town planning, literature, music and sculpture. I certainly didn't (well, I do now). More

Socialist Mosaic Master

I'm not quite sure what it is with Socialism and mosaics but they are pretty amazing and very few come better than the work of East German artist Walter Womacka. More

Tiger and Turtle

When I saw pictures of this a couple of years ago it went straight onto my 'must see' list and considering it is in Duisburg, which is only half an hour away from my parents' house in Germany, it clearly... More

Wellcome Collection

I know, this is two Museums of the Month in just one day but I just have to tell you about the Wellcome Collection, or how they put it, The free destination for the incurably curious.  It helps that it's just... More

Man Conquers Space

I saw this amazing set of mosaics on a 1970's East German office block in Potsdam recently. It's called 'Man conquers Space' (Der Mensch bezwingt den Kosmos) by artist Fritz Eisel. You really can't get much more Socialist than that.... More

Brutalist Love

I like a bit of brutalist architecture so I was happy to meet fellow brutalist lover James Smith at the Royal College of Art Show in Battersea last week. Check out more of his work here. The show is on... More