Sending things smoothly into the EU again.

UPDATE FOR ALL MY EU CUSTOMERS: I am now IOSS (International One Stop Shop) registered so you can order again without occurring extra costs on arrival of your parcel. That means I now collect all the necessary taxes and YOU, you... More

Doorlicious 2

I can see this becoming a regular feature, well as regular as my blog will ever be. This lovely door is the front door to the 'Christus unser Friede' church in Duisburg Hagenshof and was built between 1974 and 1977... More


From the 15th of July until the 15th of August I'll be off on my Sommerferien (Summer Holidays).  I'll try and spend some quality time with family and friends in Germany to make up for lost time over the last 18 months.... More


Contrasts are great when they work and in this church I recently saw in Hinterzarten in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) it really REALLY works. Like many churches, Maria in der Zarten (that's the name of the church) has been added to/changed/destroyed/rebuilt several times... More

Building of the Week - Freiburg

Yep, definitely Deutsch!Unfortunatley I didn't have time to have lunch there as the Kässpätzle were definitley calling my name. Oh well, maybe next time. Picture taken in September 2020. More


Last week I took my parents on a little holiday to the Black Forest, to be more precise to a place called Hinterzarten where I came across this rather splendid door on one of my walks. It was something like a community centre or library... More

Building of the Week - Berlin

This is probably one of my favourite buidings ever, it's completely bonkers. The Bierpinsel (Beer Brush opened on the 13th of October 1976 as the Turmrestaurant Steglitz. It was built between 1972 and 1976 by architects Ralf Schüler and his wife Ursulina Schüler-Witte in... More

Building of the Week - Hamburg

Who knew crematoriums can be this magnificent. Well this one most certainly is. It was built between 1930 and 1932 by architect Fritz Schumacher in the Backsteinexpressionismus (Brick Expressionism) style and is located in the world’s largest park cemetery (389... More

Building of the Week: Rotterdam

Considered the most beautiful factory in the world, the former Van Nelle factory is the most prominent industrial monument in the Netherlands and was was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in June 2014. It started life as a factory processing coffee, tea and... More

70s Birds

This adorable tiled mural adornes an East Berlin Nursery since 1978. It was designed by Gertraude Pohl. More

Vintage Upcycling

I almost forgot about those until I got recently reminded by Shop Eastern Block. A lovely bit of vintage upcycling from the 1950‘s, 60‘s or 70‘s and very popular in Central Europe: Fences and gates made from leftovers of the... More

Rietveld Pavilion

After visiting my parents recently I did a little de-tour on my way home to see the spectacular Kröller-Müller Museum (more about that later) which is set in the massive De Hoge Veluwe National Park near Arnhem.  As well as just... More


Look at this absolute beauty. It‘s the only peach left on my little peach tree this year, all the other ones have fallen victim to various storms/thieving squirrels. I think I‘ll save it for the weekend. 🍑🍽 More

Milchbar Pinguin

This has to be up there with the very best of ship signs.  Milchbar Pinguin (Milkbar Penguin) opened in 1964 and was THE place to be in the East German town of Leipzig. Serving, yes you guessed it, milk products. Apparently... More

1400 Types of Sausages

Although I'm not entirely sure how accurate this information is I'm pretty sure I've heard some time ago (maybe in association with the British Museum exhibition and BBC Radio Series 'Germany: Memories of a Nation' back in 2014) that there are over 1400... More