Even though I went to Australia as my main hoilday earlier this year I still managed to squeeze in the odd long weekend away here and there. For the last weekend in August I finally managed to cycle for 4 days along the river Ruhr, from the source to where it meets The Rhine, all 230km of it (well, almost all of it as it bucketed it down for one day so we only managed 25km that day before giving up). So, we started at the source near the town of Winterberg...IMG_4254 IMG_4272   Our first stop was Arnsberg. IMG_4276 IMG_4309 IMG_4313   Occasionally we got reminders that just a couple of kilometers away is the Ruhrgebiet, Germany's largest industrial area. IMG_4350   This was the view out of hotel on night three. IMG_4358 IMG_4364   Unfortunately we took a wrong turning and didn't need to take this cute little ferry. IMG_4374   This looked like a perfectly nice spot for some lunch. IMG_4381 IMG_4382 IMG_4414 IMG_4418 IMG_4429 It was such an amazing trip that I have now started planning (at least in my head) my next trip which will be along Germany's Baltic Coast. Although at over 1000km I think I might need a bit more than four days.