Why do I not know about these things??

The Buchstabenmuseum (Letter Museum) in Berlin, who celebrates all things letters, apparently opened as early as 2005 but I have only just found out about it courtesy of our good friend Kati! It was also her who showed us the Vienna letter project so keep up the good work!! As you may have seen from our last post we do share their love for old signage so we're soooooo happy to have found out about it and have immediately subscribed to their newsletter! Also make sure to check out London Graphic Designer Rebecca May who took these beautiful photographs of the museum (see image below - more on here website).

The fantastic Buchstagenmuseum have just secured the survival of this amazing 'Zierfische' sign in Berlin Friedrichshain (image below).

I'll make sure to visit next time in Berlin, in fact I think this might be reason enough to plan a vist very soon!!!