She should have used better nails


Trade fairs are a never ending source of entertainment for me (well, once I get over the initial shock of being confined to a few square metres in a giant air conditioned hall where outside the world could have ended and you would know nothing about it). So I spent my weekend at Pulse in London's Earls Court Exhibition Centre and it wasn't all that bad. In fact, I actually quite enjoyed myself. The stand next to me was award winning Kalthleen Hills who as usual had a great looking stand (as you can see) as well as great products (obviously). All of her cards/brochures were hung on small nails all over the back and side wall of her stand (which by the way drove me crazy during the set up, all that hammering). To our amusement she overheard a couple of ladies talking about her products and stand saying: ' She should have used better nails'.