Haus Esters Haus Lange

I've been driving past the sign on the Autobahn so many times I thought next time I go to Germany to see my parents I'll definitely have to check them out. So when I went last week I finally managed to visit Haus Lange and Haus Esters by a little known architect called Mies van der Rohe. I'm obviously joking when I say little known, he's only one of the greatest architects like EVER!!

Built between 1928 and 1930 these two adjacent villas are apparently not considered as some of his best work, but I'd still be more than happy with a Mies on an off day. They are situated in the West German town of Krefeld which is about half an hour north of Cologne. Krefeld has a long history of textile industry, especially silks and satins and the buildings were commissioned by two directors of the Vereinigten Seidenwebereien AG (United Silk Weavers), a Mr Lange and Mr Esters (who'd have guessed).

By the way, Krefeld is also the birth place of two rather progressive Germans, artist Josph Beuys and founding member of pioneering electonic band Kraftwerk, Ralf Hütter.

Sorry, I digress. The villas have been donated to the City of Krefeld in the 1960s and are now part of the contemporary art museum Kunstmuseen Krefeld who use it as a changing exhibition space. Oh, and you can only visit the inside when they have an exhibition on. Unfortuntaley I got told off when I tried to take a picture from the inside so here are a few more from the outside. 

Haus Lange and Haus Esters
Wilhelmshofallee 91-97
47800 Krefeld