Black Forest Church

It's very rare that I go past a church without popping in to have a little look inside, you never quite know what to expect. Well, with old catholic ones you kinda do, there's always loads of bling. 

So when we drove past the impressive Feldbergkirche while on a road trip through the Black Forest this summer I immediately screamed 'STOP THE CAR'.

Designed by serial church-architect Rainer Disse (he designed about 15 in his career), construction of the Feldbergkirche started in 1963 and opened for business, or whatever the churchy name for that is, in 1965. It's quite a large church considering it's on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere but as Feldberg happens to be the tallest mountain in the Black Forest and a popular starting/end point for a lot of hikers, I guess they thought there would be a need for space to say a little prayer for a safe return to their base. 

The stained glass windows are also rather lovely, those were designed by artist Karl-Heinz Wienert.

Below are a few more pictures I took.