Baywatch - East German Style

This summer I went on a little road trip to the East German Baltic Sea, an area of Germany I have not been to before (although I went on holiday to the West German part when I was a kid but that was A VERY LONG TIME AGO).Our first destination was the island of Rügen which is also Germany's largest island and as soon as we arrived in the main resort Binz I headed straight for the beach: I was looking for the magnificent Lifeguard Tower by architect Ulrich Müther. And magnificent it was, like a UFO that just landed, you know, the cool UFO's from science fiction films of the 1950s and 60s , one of those. 

Müther was quite the prolific East German architect but rather than me going on about him you can read more about architect Ulrich Müther in this great little article from ICON magazine HERE.

Below are a few more pictures. Sorry about the quality, those were taken with my iPhone (I left my proper camera in the hotel room....I'm SUCH a professional blogger). 

Oh, and you can now get married in the Lifeguard Tower but no, The Hoff is not going to hold the ceremony.