World's Largest Nutcracker

Well, those aren't actually Nutcrackers but they were just too good a photo opportunity to miss. Funnily enough though I seem to have driven past the world's largest operating nutcracker which, at just over 10m tall, is located in the same town as these beauties, Neuhausen in the Erz Mountains.

I guess I would have been able to find him in the world's oldest and largest Nutcracker Museum, which, yes you guessed it, I have also missed. I'll just have to go back one day which is just terrible as the area is absolutley stunning and I could really do with a good excuse to go back as soon as possible.

The Erz Mountains, which are famous for their long history of wooden toy production (especially the toymaking capital Seiffen) are basically how you'd imagine Santa's workshop would look like.

Below are a few images I took in Seiffen and the surrounding area.