Bauhaus Dessau

I recently fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams and visited the holy shrine of design and architecture: The Bauhaus in Dessau. When in 1925 the Bauhaus moved from Weimar to Dessau, Walter Gropius, the then director of the Bauhaus, designed the building and it's still there today, looking as wonderful as always. In fact it must have been quite the sight back in 1926 when it first opened.

The main entrance.

 The main entrance hall with doors leading into the auditorium. The floor is designed by László Moholy-Nagy. 3   Marcel Breuer's seating in the Bauhaus auditorium. 4   This room was apparently the dormitory of Marianne Brandt who studied in the metal workshop of the Bauhaus. The blanket is by Gunta Stölzl. 5   That's Marianne's mirror!! IMG_4628   Nice colour detail of the handrail. IMG_4629   More red hand rail. IMG_4631   In fact there was a lot more colour than I anticipated. IMG_4633   Not just various shades of grey. IMG_4635   All very nice colours. IMG_4639   Apparently there are more than 100 different colours used in the building. IMG_4645   The bridge where Walter Gropius had his office so he could see who was being late for school in the mornings. IMG_4704   The balconies of the dormitory block. In fact you can sleep in the Bauhaus from only 35 Euros a night. I didn't. IMG_4710   Not bad for a dormitory I'd say. IMG_4715   And this is the view from the back. IMG_4716 I visited Dessau while staying in Leipzig from where it only took about 30 minutes by train. From Berlin it's about an hour and half by train.