I don't know how many of you know Struwwelpeter. Struwwelpeter is a collection of stories of misbehaving children and the disasterous consequences which followed. Think Grimm's fairytales....but much Grimmer ( see what I did there!!). Well, when I was in Frankfurt recently I stumbled upon the Struwwelpeter Museum. On 4 floors you can learn everything about Struwwelpeter, Suppen Kaspar, Hans-Guck-in-die-Luft as well as the author Heinrich Hoffmann. As a native German of some age now, I remember these stories all too well and consequently must have been a complete angel as a child as I'm sure my parents can confirm. Ahem. Struwwelpeter Museum  Schubertstr. 20 60325 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: +49 (0)69 747969