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They're back!!!

The beautiful and characterful Sheep by Hanns-Peter Krafft were designed in 1982 and are as popular today as they were back then.....if not more. Made almost entirely by hand, the sheep are built like a piece of furniture and will be strong enough to be used as a stool.

Made in Germany from beech wood with leather ears and real sheep skin. Every skin is different which makes every sheep unique. 

Large Sheep: 85 x 30 x H85cm (seat height 60cm)
Small Sheep - straight: 70 x 25 x H60cm (seat height 50cm)
Small Sheep - grazing: 80 x 25 x H50cm (seat height 50cm)
Lamb - nosy: 40 x 20 x H50cm (seat height 35cm)
Lamb - straight: 48 x 20 x H45cm (seat height 35cm)
Lamb - grazing: 50 x 20 x H35cm (seat height 35cm)

Please allow up to three weeks for delivery. 

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