Puzzle Der Kopfzerbrecher

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Kopfzerbrecher (brain racker) is a simple yet complex puzzle.

The little booklet (included in the beautiful gift box) invites you to lay the 7 bricks into 178 possible shapes. The booklet will also give you the results but... NO CHEATING!!! 

Handmade in Germany from quartz sand, chalk, colour pigment and linseed oil after a recipe developed in 1875 by Otto & Gustav Lilienthal, YEP, those Lilienthals of aviation pioneering fame.

10 x 10 x 1.6cm

Ankersteine (Anchor Stone Blocks) was founded in 1880 and is the world's oldest modular toy. Scientists, engineers, and designers like Max BornJ. Robert OppenheimerAlbert EinsteinIvan Sutherland and Walter Gropius developed their creativity by playing with Anchor blocks.

Not suitable for children under the age of three.