Nice To Ski You

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A Top Trumps style game of some of the most beautiful skiing areas in the world. 

Skiing brings people together. Based on this motto, the author, photography enthusiast and former ski instructor Peter Erlach had an idea: A quartet (and mini travel guide) that presents 32 legendary ski areas and runs, accompanied by the most important facts and figures.

The selection of the 32 ski areas is based both on the personal memories of the editor, who grew up skiing in Austria and started the news site in 2018, as well as on the destinations that are still on his wish list stand.

It presents 32 legendary ski runs - a mix of ski slopes, ski routes, freeride runs and World Cup classics - around the world, including Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Chile, Spain, Japan , New Zealand and Germany.

Cards 6.5 x H10 cm
Box 8 x 11.5cm
32 Cards
Design: Karsten Friemel aka Teny