Mini Bricks Accessory Set

Mini Bricks Accessory Set

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Now these are proper amazing: Teeny tiny proper little bricks.

With the Mini Bricks Accessory Set you can build your own buildings and let your imagination run wild, only gravity will be able to stop you (oh, and if you run out of bricks of course). Included in the set are various types of bricks, roof tiles and all the necessary tools including water-soluble mortar so if you don't like what you built, just start again. Easy.

Includes: 49x red bricks, 20x red half bricks, 17x red triangles, 8x red roof panels, 4x red half roof panels, 2x black wave panels, 1x bricklayer's trowel, 1x mortar, 1x mortar bowl

Made in Germany from fired terracotta. Suitable for ages 6+. 
Brick Size: 3.2 x 1.5 x H1.2cm