Tynan the Right Whale
Tynan the Right Whale

Tynan the Right Whale

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Time for hunting, Tynan says.
He knows that some other whales heroically dive several kilometres in search of GIANT SQUID.
But he can only pretend.
At the surface, while he takes his time gulping for plankton, he dreams of dark depths filled with SEAMONSTERS.

Handmade in the Netherlands from a cotton-linen mix, embroidered eyes and with an Oeko-Tex sheep wool filling. All materials used are 100% natural. 

Small: 26 x 6 x H9cm
Medium: 36 x 9 xH13cm

KAPLUM is a designers-duo exploring the colourful, imaginative and adventurous life of kids. All of the products are designed and made by them. They use carefully selected durable and certified materials. To allow the imagination of the kid to flourish, they use simple shapes and colours. A lot of the inspiration comes from abstract art. Their products are not only children’s toys, but also beautiful designs for everybody to enjoy.

All the toys are in compliance with the European standards for safety on toys (EN-71.3) and bear the CE mark, which confirms they passed all tests (a.o. flammability tests, chemical tests and mechanical tests).

Suitable for children of all ages.