TIPP-KICK: Table Football Set

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Play your very own World Cup match on the kitchen table.

TIPP-KICK is THE classic German table football game invented by Edwin Mieg in 1924 who presented it for the first time at the Leipzig Toy fair in 1926. The rest is history. The little die-cast football players have one fixed and one 'kicking' leg which is activated by pushing the little button at the top.The goalkeeper will move to the left and right by pressing the buttons on the attached box. Hours of fun. 

Made in Germany. The set includes a felt pitch with wooden rails, two hand-painted die-cast footballers, two plastic goalkeepers, two goals and two twelve sided plastic balls , all in a lovely metal box.

Player: H7.5cm 
Ball: Dia1.4cm
Felt Pitch 79 x 47cm

Also available: TIPP-KICK Torwand

Recommended for ages 6 and above. Not suitable for children under the age of three.