WECK Tapered Jars

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An absolute German classic.

My mother and grandmother had these when I was growing up, in fact everyone I knew had those. Designed to last a lifetime, these jars are perfect for preserving, storing, pickling or just to serve your desert in. The jars all come with lid and are stackable. 

These jars are tapered so you can turn your dessert upside down.

Made in Germany from glass.

Mini Tapered Jar (160ml): Dia 6 x H6.9cm
Low Tapered Jar (290ml): Dia 10 x H5.5cm
1/2l Tapered Jar (580ml): Dia 10 x H10.7cm

Microwave and dishwasher safe

Rubber seals and clips available to order separetly. Please note that the seals are made from natural Indian rubber and must not come into contact with oil based content or the rubber will expand, causing the jar to no longer be airtight.