Sheep DeLuxe

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Great big lovely furry fluffy sheep!! 

Please welcome the new DeLuxe version of the very popular and characterful Sheep by Hanns-Peter Krafft. These are made from extra stong oak wook with a super fluffy, super furry sheep skin… They were originally designed in 1982 and are as popular today as they were back then…if not more. Made almost entirely by hand, the sheep are built like a piece of furniture and will be strong enough to be used as a stool. This new version has been added in 2015.

Made in Germany from solid oak with leather ears and real sheep skin. Every skin is different which makes every sheep unique. 

Large Sheep: 85 × 30 × H85cm (seat height 60cm)
Small Sheep – straight: 70 × 25 × H60cm (seat height 50cm)
Lamb: 48 × 20 × H45cm (seat height 35cm)

Please allow up to three weeks for delivery.

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