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Roll-Up is so much more than just a bin.

Roll-Up is a bin, storage container, plant pot, pencil holder, you name it. 

Roll Up is available in three sizes and can be playfully rolled up like a pair of jeans. In its charming way it adapts to various needs by folding it to the desired shape. Despite its flexibility, Roll-Up stands securely.

Made from TPU which has a pleasantly rubberlike feel and is extremely robust. Thanks to all-around welding, Roll-Up is completely waterproof.

Roll-Up Bin by Michel Charlot was presented with the Iconic Design Award 2016 “Best of the Best“.

Design: Michel Charlot
X-Small: Dia 16 x H22cm (max.3l capacity)
Small: Dia 27 x H40cm (max.15l capacity)
Medium: Dia 39 x H54cm (max. 30l capacity)