Neue Serie Handdruck is a collection of limited edition textiles and small cushions that brings new life to the Handdruck archive’s striking patterns (Bolzano, Italy 1973 – 1993). The production builds on the original materials, presenting new items and colour combinations.

Design: Anna Wielander Platzgummer
Handmade in Italy using 100% organic cotton and stuffed with pure wool.
23 x H18cm

Anna Wielander Platzgummer is a South Tyrollean artist and teacher. After her studies at The Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, she moved back to Italy in 1961 to attend the Faculty of Textile Design at the University of Florence. The works she designed for Handdruck are inspired by nature and the rock-carved symbols in the Dolomite mountains. She was most active in the Handdruck collective during the 1970s.