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KINTSUGI originated in Japan in the late 15th century. The emperor of Japan sent broken ceramics back to China for repair. After having his soup bowl restored, the emperor noticed that the ceramics were repaired with metal clamps. He immediately ordered his imperial craftsmen to develop something more aesthetic.
The result: KINTSUGI (the gold repair). The beauty of imperfection. By repairing an object, the product becomes unique and personal.

This art later became so popular that collectors deliberately smashed valuable pottery so that it could be repaired with the golden seams of the KINTSUGI.

Studio HUMADE from Amsterdam developed the "original NEW KINTSUGI set" to allow us to repair broken objects without having to send them to China.

Available in Gold or Silver.
Design: HUMADE from Amsterdam
The kit can be used several times.
included in the box: Two-component adhesive, gold or silver powder, brush, bamboo sticks and gloves. Putty to fill up missing parts. A step-by-step guide with detailed pictures.