Giant Silo Barn Bird Feeder

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Ok, now we're talking!

The Giant Silo Barn is an extra spacious bird feeder that fits everything from seed mixes (three types) to suet balls and peanuts. It has space for 10 litres of birdseeds and won't need refilling as often so you can spend your time doing what you love most, bird watching. 

The barn has three interior compartments to fill with different bird seeds as well as two silos at one end of the barn. One fits up to five suet balls, while the other is perfect for peanuts. The greater the variety of food, the more bird species will come to your feeding station. The food is also protected from the elements, meaning it stays fresh longer.

The Giant Silo Barn is easy to clean. In addition, its innovative design doesn't allow the birds to sit directly in the food, reducing the risk of diseases spreading between the birds.

Made from wood from well managed forests and environmentally friendly paints.
35.5 x 24 x H25cm

Pole is not included! 

The metal pole is separately available HERE