30% OFF Don’t spill it Krtek

30% OFF Don’t spill it Krtek

30% OFF

Was £23.50 - NOW ONLY £16.45

‘Don‘t spill it Krtek‘ is a wonderful balancing game. Roll the dice and pile on one of the colourful pieces until the first person spills a bit. 

Krtek (The Mole) is like the Czech answer to Mickey Mouse. Created by animator Zdeněk Miler in 1954, he made his film debut at the 1957 Venice Film Festival with "How The Mole Got His Trousers" and even won a price there in 1966 with "The Mole and the Rocket". There are over 40 short films all about Krtek, his friends and their adventures.

Made in the Czech Republic from painted Central European wood. Comes packed neatly in a little plastic pouch. 

Base is 14.5cm long 

All wooden toys are CE certified and only the safest certified non-toxic paints based on natural components, which fulfill EU safety standard (EN71) are used.

Not suitable for children under the age of three.