A Frankfurt Original.

If you've ever been to Frankfurt, you should really know these. A Bembel is a glazed stoneware jug in which the local drink Ebbelwoi (Applewine/Cider) is served. Bembel have been around for more than 100 years and are traditionally light grey in base colour with blue hand-painted details and come in a variety of sizes. We usually have 1litre, 1/2liter and 1/4litre ones available. 

All our Bembels are second hand (I like to call it 'pre-loved') and will therefore vary slightly in colour and decoration (but only slightly). They are all in perfcet condition with no cracks or chips.

1 litre: approx.18cm tall
1/2 litre: approx.15cm tall
1/4 litre: approx.12cm tall