Mini Lamb

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Some lovely furry mini lambs.

Please welcome the new Mini Lamb, a mini version of the very popular and characterful Sheep by Hanns-Peter Krafft. Made from solid beech wood with a fluffy furry sheep skin, they make a perfect addition for your desk, shelf, mantle piece or anywhere else you can't fit a full size one. Available in two sizes in classic cream or new super fluffy grey-brown sheepskin.

Made in Germany from solid beech with leather ears and real sheepskin. Please note that every skin is different which makes each sheep unique, especially the grey-brown will vary considerably from more grey to more brown to anything inbetween.

Mini Lamb 26 x 16 x H25cm
SuperMini Lamb: 24 x 15 x H22.5cm

PLEASE NOTE: The price is for one lamb only, please select which size and colour you want. 

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