Design Explore Marrakech

IMG_0367 I was hugely privileged to be asked by the British Council to be part of their Design Explore Program which they ran in Marrakesh just a few weeks ago. Design Explore was a two week course which aims to offer 10 young, aspiring Moroccan designers a chance to develop their skills and knowledge of contemporary product design and to explore ideas of cultural identity. And what a great bunch of designers they were, truly amazing. Watch this space for more info on them and the results. It was also my first time in Marrakesh and I absolutely LOVE the city and the people. Here are a few pictures I took. IMG_0294 Our Office for the week. IMG_0373 IMG_0382 Lunchtime. IMG_0394 Back at the office. IMG_0472 IMG_0506 It wasn't all work work work. At Jardin Mojorelle. IMG_0554 Obviously a bit of shopping had to be done. Our "Sales Assistant" introduced himself as Mustafa CousCous! Sure!!!! IMG_0565 Ahhh, The Square!!